SKYISH Cooperation Case

G20 summit main venue air treatment service provider

In 2016, the 11th summit of the G20 leaders was held in Hangzhou.As the location with the most reception leaders,West Lake State Guest House has undergone a renovation. The national-level standard must be zero-tolerant to harmful substances such as formaldehyde, TVOC, and benzene.In particular, invite us to conduct comprehensive IAQ air management in the room.

The Westin hotel indoor air governance partner

Westin Hotel, an international hotel chain brand in the United States, belongs to Starwood Group. Westin is a long-established hotel brand in the Starwood Group, and its location is ranked second in the group, second only to another international chain of Sheraton brand in the group. The main problem with the Westin Hotel is that the hotel soft pack (wallpaper/decoration) Mildew odor. After a professional testing, formaldehyde and VOC are more than the standard range. After SKYISH is professionally managed, formaldehyde and VOC data are up to standard, and the second professional treatment solves the problem of odor.

Marriott international hotel indoor air governance partner

Marriott International Group is a world-famous hotel management company which is selected for the Fortune 500 list. Marriott International currently has 18 famous hotel brands. More than 2,700 hotels operate worldwide. With an annual turnover of nearly 20 billion US dollars. Named "the most prestigious company in the hospitality industry" by world-renowned business magazines and media for many times. The key to its successful experience is that employees and customers are the business of the company since the company's inception. Therefore, the Marriott Hotel pays great attention to air management in hotels and guest rooms, and regularly uses SKYISH services for air management.

Sheraton Indoor Air Governance Global Partner

The brand of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Management Group is a Fortune 500 company. Since 1963, it has operated over 400 hotels in 72 countries around the world.Sheraton is synonymous with “top, luxury” in the global hospitality industry. Provide home-away-from-home services for leisure travelers. In the process of pursuing perfect service, Sheraton’s indoor air environment is more important than the indoor greening environment. Therefore, SKYISH indoor air treatment service provider was selected.

Boeing airliner Air Quality Management Global Partner

Boeing is the leader of the global aviation industry and the world's largest manufacturer of civil and military aircraft.Its customers are located in more than 90 countries around the world. In terms of sales, Boeing is one of the largest exporters in the United States.Boeing not only has selected SKYISH to vehiclery out cabin air management for all its in-service passenger aircraft from more than 200 indoor air management agencies around the world,but also became a global partner in air quality management,in order to Provide safe and comfortable cabin air environment for passengers around the world.

Airbus Air Quality Management Global Partner

Airbus is a joint venture of European airlines.Founded in France in 1970. The companies it founded were from Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.Airbus has models that can compete with Boeing on all models. Boeing is also known as the world's two largest aircraft manufacturers. Airbus is committed to a combination of flawless comfort and technical service. Emphasizing cabin experience optimization. Introduced SKYISH cabin air quality management in 2006, occupying a more favorable competitive position in the industry.