Using biological enzyme technology to solve air pollution problems

The diffusion management of biological enzymes can gradually remove TVOC, smoke, musty and other various odors which are produced during hotel room operation, without emptying the space and extensive construction.

Catalytic process of biological enzymes


Volatile gas molecules clump together into large molecular clusters on the indoor surface, which  characteristic is strong adhesion and not volatile. Skyish utilizes the activation properties of enzyme molecules to penetrate atomized components into the interior of the treated surface.


The bio-enzyme molecules penetrate into the macro-molecular group, and then break up the macro-molecular group. Accelerate the volatilization of toxic molecules into the air immediately, which should takes 10 years to fully evaporate. quickly capture, otherwise the toxic molecules take up ten years to fully evaporate.


Bio-enzyme destroy the covalent bonds of toxic molecules and break up the macro-molecular group to decompose harmful volatile.

Wrap up

The bio-enzyme wrap the undegradable substance up and quickly remove them from the indoor environment.

The significance of biological enzyme air management

  1. Less Complaints for odors in rooms
  2. Elevate customer's room experiences
  3. Increase room revenue
  4. Elevate hotel & brand image
  5. Create differentiation in competitive business environment
  6. Might help to prolong the needs for guest room hardware replacement(e.g. carpet) and renovation

SKYISH Professional Hotel Indoor Air Management Service

For new hotels: Pre-opening  formaldehyde and other various odors treatments.

For existing hotels:  various odors treatments, fixing the root of the issues.

Hotel industry product introduction

Biological enzyme diffuser air treatment machine

Intelligent remote control, timed quantitative, freely adjust the atomization concentration, can remove odor, eliminate bacteria and bacteria, avoid cross infection, suitable for hotel rooms, offices, conference rooms, etc.

Biological Enzymes Diffuse Machine

Our products can be used in hotel lobby, corridor, or the entire air conditioning system, and it constantly controls any odors and ensures fresh air.

Successful cases

G20Summit - Hangzhou West Lake State Guest House

Macau Legendale Hotel

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel

We has performed indoor treatments and Ventilation Diffuse System installation at hotels such as Marriott Hotel、Sheraton Hotel and The Westin. These services would ensure the air in newly renovated rooms reach hotel-room air quality standards, as well as ventilation system air cleanliness standards.

Skyish Biological Enzyme SGS Safety Testing Report

Boeing solution testing report