Negative oxygen ion quantum coating construction tips


1.Do not wipe the object with a damp cloth within 7 days after the construction to avoid damage to the negative oxygen ion quantum coating.

2.Cannot be applied: electrical appliances, metals, vegetation, food, polished surfaces (glass, screen, marble floors, etc.), collectibles and scented wood products.

3.During the construction process, wear protective masks (recommended cotton masks) and protective equipment such as glasses to prevent the misty liquid from affecting the mouth, respiratory tract and eyes.

4.The negative oxygen ion quantum coating has been formulated in proportion, cannot be diluted with water, and cannot be mixed with other treatment liquids.

5.The product itself comes with a comprehensive blend of plant herbs, which is mild. During the construction process, due to the atomization of the raw liquid, the space will be filled with the liquid molecules, and because of the high concentration, the taste will be stimulated. At this time, you only need to wear a mask and protective glasses to avoid irritation. After the construction, the taste will be quickly relieved within two or three hours, and the taste will be almost completely dispersed after air drying.

For sensitive people, remember not to enter the construction space before the construction taste is eliminated! Such as pregnant women, children, the elderly!

6.The conversion layer is completely air-dried and has a better release effect. It is forbidden to test before it is dried before construction! It is best to test it in about 24 hours.

Remember not to use a negative oxygen ion detector immediately after construction! Because a large amount of floating liquid molecules in the air will adhere to the inside of the detector after entering the device, the detection data will be high!

7.If the negative ions do not reach the required value, the operation can be repeated once, wherein the negative oxygen ions are used according to the difference, the five-seat car 200ML/5000 negative oxygen ions, the seven-seat car 300ML//5000 negative oxygen ions.

8.The concentration of negative oxygen ions is 4% a year, so it can still maintain a concentration of more than 50% of negative oxygen ions in a decade. However, in reality, it is inevitable that the space will be scratched or wiped, or the surface of the object should be wiped with detergent and detergent. Therefore, it is recommended that the surface of the wall and ceiling can be sprayed with more paint during construction, and the amount of common items and surfaces can be reduced.

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