SKYISH Filter type

Biological enzyme HEPA Imitation nasal filter

Remove 300-0.5 micron air pollutants Professional and effective removal of PM2.5 particles in air.Biological enzyme mucus initiative wrapping solid particles in the air.

Biological enzyme govern technology

Active bio-enzyme particle degradation package function.Self-capture of formaldehyde, benzene, VOC, etc. Decompose harmful substances into natural substances such as CO2 and water.Wrap non-degradable harmful substances outside the breathing range.

Technical support services we can provide

  1. Bio-enzyme original liquid customization: Only need to use atomizer equipment to atomize into bio-enzyme molecules and let them diffuse in the air, we can be based on the actual needs of different users, Configuration bio-enzyme original liquid with different functions and odors, efficient removal of harmful molecules, odors, odors and molds; mainly for high-end business hotels, Office building, commercial complex.
  2. Bio-enzyme HEPA filter customization: we can be based on the existing styles and specifications of your air purifier products, providing bio-enzyme HEPA filter customization and technical support.
  3. Help brands form with peers differential advantage, upgrade branded air purifier core technology to expand your existing market.