What is negative oxygen ion?

1.Negative oxygen ions are called: “Vitaxo”, “Air Vitamin”, “Longevity”, “Air Vitamin”, which is a precious gift from nature to earth creatures.

2.Some molecules in the air release electron-negative ions due to the effects of cosmic rays, ultraviolet light, soil and air radiation in nature. The free electrons generated by the ionization of air molecules under the action of high pressure or strong rays are mostly obtained by oxygen. Therefore, the air negative ions are often referred to as "negative oxygen ions", and the negative oxygen ions are negatively charged, which is colorless and odorless.

What is the recognized role of negative oxygen ions for air pollution?

1.Chemical pollutants: formaldehyde, TVOC, VOC, etc.

When negative oxygen ions are emitted into the air, it can automatically find and capture positron-emitting formaldehyde, TVOC, benzene and other air chemical pollutants. At the same time that the negative oxygen ion capture is completed, the excess negative ions of the "body" are also "shot" to the pollutants, and the formaldehyde, TVOC, benzene series, etc.

2.Pathogens: bacteria, mold, viruses, etc.

Negative oxygen ions in the air come into contact with bacteria, molds, viruses, etc., because negative ions themselves carry excess electrons, which destroy their molecular protein structure, causing structural changes (protein polarity reversal) or energy transfer, thereby making bacterial viruses Wait for the microbe to die. 

3.Particulate matter: dust, smoke, PM2.5, PM0.3, etc.

When the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the indoor air reaches 20,000/cm3, the amount of dust in the air is reduced by more than 98%. 

What are the recognized benefits of negative oxygen ions for the body?

1.Invigorate the brain

Air negative oxygen ions can reduce the content of serotonin in the blood, enhance the process of nerve suppression, strengthen the function and brain activity of the cerebral cortex, energize and improve the work efficiency, improve the quality of sleep and promote the metabolism of the human body.

2.Improve cardiovascular disease

Negative oxygen ions can significantly dilate blood vessels, relieve arterial vasospasm, lower blood pressure, enhance myocardial function, and have obvious analgesic effect. It is also beneficial for improving heart function and improving myocardial nutrition, which is beneficial to hypertension and heart. The condition of the cerebrovascular patient is restored.

3.Make the respiratory system work efficiently

Studies have confirmed that negative oxygen ions have the effect of slowing the blood and prolonging the clotting time, which can increase the oxygen content in the blood, which is conducive to blood oxygen transport, absorption and utilization.

4.Antioxidant, anti-aging, maintain the young body

Human aging is closely related to a substance, which is a free radical. Free radicals are strong oxidizing substances. Because they lack electrons, they will steal electrons from healthy cells and accelerate cell aging. Negative oxygen ions, as an antioxidant that carries excess electrons, enter the human body through the respiratory system, and send a portion of the excess electrons "generously" to the cells that lose electrons, and part of which is used to eliminate free radicals.


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