What are the advantages of our quantum reduction technology?

Plant extraction, no secondary pollution

Conventional manufacturing techniques for negative oxygen ions are generally high pressure conversion technology and mineral nano-conversion technology. These two technologies are generally accompanied by secondary pollution such as ozone and radiation. Although the negative oxygen ions are successfully produced, other pollution is formed, which poses a greater risk to the body.

Quantum reduction technology mimics the ecological principles of negative ions generated by natural wind, light, electricity, magnetism, minerals, water, plants and other materials.

1. Plant extract safety non-toxic

Plant extraction, no secondary pollution It is tested by an authoritative third party without secondary pollution, and it is non-irritating and non-corrosive to human skin and eyes, and it is truly natural and environmentally friendly, and green and safe.

2.Naturally restore nature

Natural energy conversion, zero energy consumption By using the thermal energy, light energy and wind energy generated by nature and indoor electrical appliances and electric lamps, negative oxygen ions can be generated from the energy layer. No power supply, no switch, 24 hours a day, 365 days of work.

3.Long life, low attenuation

The negative oxygen ion quantum coating has an annual decay rate of less than 4%, and has an extremely long service life in most environments, and can continuously release negative oxygen ions to achieve "one-time treatment, long-term effective" low energy consumption and low maintenance cost. To create an ecological self-purification space.

4.Easy to use, no worries after sale

With professional spray tools, no multi-person assistance is required and no complicated operating procedures are required. Ready to spray, one person can complete the construction, easy to use. No rework, no recurrence, no after-sales annoyance.

5.Customized on demand

Multiple negative ion quantum coatings are applied, and the effect can be effectively superimposed. Spray 2000-3000 once, spray 4000-5000 twice, and superimpose multiple effects. Customized on demand, you can feel the clear air of the pastoral subtotal, and also reach the level of healing forest waterfall.

6.Wide application scenarios  

Breaking through the limitations of strong pressure and traditional mineral technology, it can be applied to many fields, including civil home, public places, industrial environment, business environment, medical space, public transportation and so on.

The Next article we will introduce How many negative oxygen ions do we need?

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