Skyish biological enzyme core technology

Bio-enzymes are produced by living cells and have a strong catalytic organic substance to accelerate biochemical reaction process. The biocatalyst has the characteristics of neutrality, high catalytic efficiency, strong specificity and mild action conditions. Bio-enzyme atomizing molecules can penetrate into pollutants, rapid activation of harmful gases, and quickly capture the molecular covalent bonds of the activated harmful substances to form degradation;t he parcel can not be degraded harmful substances and lead it to sink quickly to the outside the breathing range.

Catalytic process of bio-enzyme


Volatile gas molecules clump together into large molecular clusters on the indoor surface, which  characteristic is strong adhesion and not volatile. Skyish utilizes the activation properties of enzyme molecules to penetrate atomized components into the interior of the treated surface.


The bio-enzyme molecules penetrate into the macro-molecular group, and then break up the macro-molecular group. Accelerate the volatilization of toxic molecules into the air immediately, which should takes 10 years to fully evaporate. quickly capture, otherwise the toxic molecules take up ten years to fully evaporate.


Bio-enzyme destroy the covalent bonds of toxic molecules and break up the macro-molecular group to decompose harmful volatile.

Wrap up

The bio-enzyme wrap the undegradable substance up and quickly remove them from the indoor environment.

Function of skyish bio-enzyme

Sterilization and antibacterial: contain lysozyme and broad-spectrum bactericidal antiviral ingredients, long-term high-efficiency antibacterial sterilization

Odor elimination: decompose catalytic odor molecules, wrap odor particles, deodorize completely

Formaldehyde elimination: into pollution source, accelerate release, decomposition, treatment of formaldehyde without any residue

TVOC elimination: catalyze and decompose various TVOC, including benzenes, alkanes, esters,aldehydes

Application of SKYISH bio-enzyme

Spraying: 15 days for new home air treatment, 2 steps for new vehicle air treatment

Releasing: release bio-enzyme solid, treat pollutant actively

Diffusion: inhibit indoor disease transmission, antibacterial and deodorizing by central ventilation system device diffusing fog.