What is plant liquid negative oxygen ion technology?

The Advantages Of Negative Oxygen Ion Treatment Technology.

The Principle Of Air Anion (Oxygen Anion)

Plant negative oxygen ions —— It is synthesized by plant extraction to release small-sized, highly active negative oxygen ions.

After the pure plant liquid is extracted, a protective film is formed on the surface of the wall to absorb a large amount of free electrons and is mostly obtained by oxygen in the space, which generates a large amount of natural negative oxygen ions and can be maintained for 5 years.

The Advantage Of Negative Oxygen Ions In Plants:

1.Plant Concentrate PH value can reach 6

Air negative oxygen ion, extracted from pure plant liquid

2.Release a lot of negative oxygen ions

Maintaining 5 years, space is sustainable, releasing 10,000 negative oxygen ions The original liquid can produce up to 3,000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter, up to 11,000.

3.The release lasts a long time Passive release continues for 5 years

Safe without radiation and ozone, No secondary pollution Passive automatic release of negative oxygen ions, no side effects, energy saving, environmental protection.

4.Stereoscopic release coverage is large

The negative oxygen ion liquid is water-repellent and has a large coverage area, which can improve the air quality of the home.

5.Remove more than 90% harmful gases within 24 hours

Plant negative oxygen ion liquid have a strong ability to degrade indoor harmful substances. According to the test data of the Guangzhou Analytical Testing Center of China, the decline rate of formaldehyde and TVOC is over 90% within 24 hours.

Next article we will introduce what is Negative Oxygen Ion Function and Plant liquid negative oxygen ion treatment effect.